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Five Takeaways from the World of Unified Communication

Written by Mike Long - May 6, 2015

Because of the utility they provide, unified communications (UC) solutions are quickly attracting the attention of companies—across all verticals and of all sizes.


After all, the tools integrate fax, email, voice, video, SMS, instant message and presence into a single user-friendly interface. This allows your customers to keep all their mission-critical communications in one central location, something that’s essential as they go about their day, moving from location to location.

By giving their employees UC tools, business owners no longer have to worry about their workers missing important calls. This results in many things, including more sales and better customer experiences delivered in every interaction.


Below are a five of the trends we have seen in the UCC marketing in the past 12 months

  • The technology will help improve operations across all verticals. UC solutions have proven to streamline operations in all kinds of industries. From education to healthcare to hospitality, there’s really no vertical not taking advantage of the technology. After all, UC tools allow your employees to connect with each other after determining they are available via presence. This functionality saves countless amounts of time as employees no longer have to play phone tag with one another, for example.


  • Your customers will love your UC tools. It’s important to keep in mind that in addition to providing your business and its employees with a myriad of benefits, UC tools will almost also certainly improve the experiences of your customers as well. Think about it: There’s a good chance that none of your customers want to call your contact center, ever. So when they do, it goes without saying they want their questions and concerns addressed as quickly as possible. When UC tools are deployed in your contact center, your agents are able to identify appropriate subject matter experts who are available and appropriately route the calls. They can they communicate with those experts in real time via text message, relaying customers answers. This allows your agents to bypass transferring them.


  • It’s also location-agnostic, as UC adoption rates increase over the world. Everyone already knows that the global UC market is growing at an alarming rate. But now we know that the growth is not confined to any specific regions but rather taking place all around the world. In other words, the technology’s evolved from something that was nice to have for businesses that could spend the money on it to something that is virtually a requirement, no matter of a company’s geographic location. Latin American businesses, for example, are embracing UC tools at an increasingly accelerated rate. Same goes for those in the Asia Pacific Region, Africa and other areas of the world.


  • The communications tools are essential in today’s increasingly mobile world. These days, technology has evolved to the point where workers no longer have to be chained to their desks in order to be productive. As a result, workers are more mobile meaning they’re able to complete work no matter where they happen to be—whether that’s sitting on the sidelines of their sons’ soccer games, waiting at the airport or grabbing a bite to eat in a café. By investing in UC tools, you’re equipping your employees with the technology they need to be productive in today’s world. In other words, you’re making their lives easier and tech-enabled. Such a gesture translates into happier employees who in turn produce more, growing your bottom line.


  • But simply deciding to deploy the tools is not enough. If you’re a business owner who’s yet to deploy UC tools, you might think that the decision to do so is where your work ends. But you’d be wrong. In addition to choosing to deploy the tools, you also have to assess your network in order to ensure that you have enough bandwidth to accommodate increasing traffic. You also need to make sure you have the proper security protocols in place. After all, your communications are one of your most valuable assets. Finally, you have to make sure that your employees are thoroughly trained on the technology. That way, you’re able to get the most utility out of the new tools.


There’s certainly been no shortage of news on UC technology over the last year. And as our workforce becomes even more mobile, this trend will continue over the coming years.