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Fortifying Educational And Business Environments With Aeonix Dispatch Console

Written by Rena Itzhaky - January 7, 2015

Multiple, arbitrary, acts of violence, have demonstrated that now is the time to ensure that our educational and business environments have robust, real time communications in their control rooms or security monitoring facilities.

Advanced communication tools are available that can be used to proactively address and upgrade communications services to anticipate and respond to anticipated or un-anticipated events. Tadiran's Dispatch Console application works in concert with the Aeonix UCC solution to deliver proactive real-time control room monitoring and reporting.  ADC can be configured to help a business's or school's security resources respond to day to day or unexpected events within the organization.

An HTML 5 Web-based application, ADC can run from any Internet-connected device. With it at your disposal, you can respond to incidents and other emergencies quickly, while also maintaining open lines of communication amongst your staff.

By leveraging the Aeonix Dispatch Console and unified communications tools, organizations can set up control rooms on their premises. They can connect big-screen TVs to the console, enabling live monitoring from multiple cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom.

What's more, the dispatch console allows control room managers to communicate with employees in specific areas through a wide variety of fixed and hand-held devices. If a manager sees something out of the ordinary in one corner of a campus, he or she can communicate in real time with all nearby staff and dispatch security personnel to the area.

By deploying Tadiran's Dispatch Console you can proactively address and respond to critical situations before they escalate into emergencies.