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Why You Need To Focus On First Contact Resolution

Written by Rena Itzhaky - May 21, 2014

Let's face it: Nobody really likes having to call a contact center. It's likely that such a situation arises due to a customer having a problem with a product or service.

And if nobody likes to call a contact center to begin with, it then follows that nobody likes to call a contact center more than once to address the same problem or concern. In fact, recent research indicates that 12 percent of customers will stop doing business with a company if their issues aren't resolved following a single phone call, email or other form of communication.

With this in mind, business owners and managers need to direct their focus on first contact resolution (FCR), a statistic that measures the percentage of problems resolved the first time a customer reaches out to a company. According to the Service Quality Management Group, for each percentage point a company can improve its FCR metrics, they will witness a corresponding one percent increase in customer satisfaction.

Taking this all into consideration, business owners should strongly consider integrating industry-leading enterprise contact center solutions into their business infrastructure. With such technology at their disposal, contact centers are guaranteed to see increased FCR statistics as they'll be able to help customers get the answers they need quickly.

Enterprise contact center solutions allow customers to select which medium of communication they'd like to use to contact agents. Additionally, the technology allows calls to be routed to agents best suited to settle problems. Should that agent need help, presence features allow that person to identify experts who are available at that moment, allowing them to communicate via instant message to help address concerns that much faster.

According to American Express, two-thirds of customers said they would happily spend more money with a company following a strong customer experience. What's more, one-quarter of customers indicated that being sent from agent to agent without having an issue resolved is a major reason to switch brands. With enterprise contact center solutions integrated into business infrastructure, companies set themselves up to deliver the best service possible, increasing FCR statistics along the way.