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The Contact Center Industry Is Thriving In Latin America

Written by Mike Long - June 5, 2014

Right now the contact center market in Latin America is surging, as more and more businesses-specifically in Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil-are now leveraging cloud-based enterprise solutions. In fact, new research from Frost & Sullivan indicates that contact center revenue will reach $506.4 million by 2019, which is a compound annual growth rate of about seven percent.

So what's causing this explosive growth throughout the region?

Recent strides in network quality and service are some of the main contributing factors. Fiber optic communication is now making its way throughout most of Latin America, which is allowing businesses to connect faster than they ever have before. And according to Enterprise Communications Industry Manager at Frost & Sullivan Juan Manuel, a recovering economy and a strong interest in workforce performance is causing an increasing number of business leaders to look towards cloud-based contact centers.

As Manuel pointed out, one specific area where this is occurring is in Mexico.

"The Mexican contact center systems market will experience maximum growth in the region driven by a favorable labor scenario and a healthy economy that is fast recovering from downturn," he said.

As Manuel explained, however, there is still tremendous room for growth. The Latin America contact center market is currently in its nascent stage and so its success will depend heavily on factors such as social media integration across multiple industries and proactive customer outreach solutions. It is therefore in the best interest of contact center managers to proceed aggressively with social media in hopes of providing end users with new offers and services.

One solution that is capable of driving enhanced customer service is unified communications, thanks to the technology's ability to enhance production and reduce costs in the contact center. All-in-one unified communications solutions combine telephony, video conferencing, SMS, email and chat into one centralized hub so that agents can easily engage with customers over a variety of channels.

Solutions such as the Aeonix Contact Center (ACC) by Tadiran give business leaders the ability to measure resources and adjust to changing customer preferences in real time. ACC integrates into existing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and can blend inbound and outbound calls for the purpose of managing sales campaigns.

Ultimately, it comes down to receiving more for less. The mindset in the Latin America contact center industry is to get the most bang for your buck as possible, and Tadiran delivers this thanks to the fact that the company's solution requires a minimal amount of hardware, is simple to maintain and comes with a small cost of ownership. CAPEX is of no concern, which makes it ideal for use in areas of Latin America that are still considered to be financially depressed or underdeveloped regions.