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Winter’s Coming: When’s The Last Time You Thought About Business Continuity?

Written by Lindsay Kintner - December 17, 2014

Your customers expect you to be there to answer their questions and address their concerns practically from the moment they think of them. And keeping up is important; after all, in today's Internet-driven world, consumers have more options than ever when it comes to companies to patronize. So, if your customers need you and you're not there, they may very well decide to take their business elsewhere, finding your competitors with a quick Web search.

This stark reality highlights the need for your business to be ready to respond in any imaginable scenario-even when your systems get knocked offline or your staff is unable to get to the office due to inclement weather.

The good news is that by taking proactive steps and putting a comprehensive business continuity plan in place prior to disaster striking, you ensure that your business is able to handle all customer concerns.

Make sure that you're ready to handle anything Mother Nature might throw your way.  Believe it or not, by taking the steps to deploy a modern, fault tolerant, communications solution, you are putting your business in position to deliver exemplary customer service regardless of irregular circumstances.

Unified communications (UC) tools, which integrate voice, video, instant messaging, email and presence into a single user-friendly interface, are truly transformative in nature. The tools allow your employees to access their mission-critical communications from any Internet-connected devices, empowering them to address customer concerns and respond to inquiries in real time.  And many of these solutions are designed to deliver redundant fault tolerant solutions that ensure availability even if one or more sites are down for unexpected weather or power conditions.

Once you've deployed UC tools, you'll quickly realize what you've been missing. The technology gives you the ability to automatically send calls from your office phone to your mobile device, for example. This means that when your customers think they're giving you a ring at your desk, you could actually be in your pj's answering the phone from home.

Let's imagine that you're the manager of a sales department for a local chain of newspapers. These days-perhaps more than ever before-you can't afford to miss a single sale. But a snowstorm hit the night before your busiest day of the week, and a majority of your staff is stuck at home. Thankfully, you deployed a cutting-edge UC solution earlier in the year. Your employees who can access the Internet from home can use the modern communications tools to address all important corporate communications and customer complaints.

What's more, let's say one of your employees is on the phone with a customer who has a question the rep is unable to answer without help. In the office setting, the employee would be able to simply put the phone on mute and ask a co-worker for assistance. Thanks to UC solutions, this kind of collaboration can still occur easily. The employee can quickly shoot an instant message to his or her colleague, getting the answer in real time without skipping a beat.

In today's ultra-competitive business world, you can't afford to compromise on the caliber of the customer service you deliver. By planning ahead and leveraging modern communications tools, you guarantee that you're able to respond to your customers immediately-even when the weather interferes.

If you're interested in making revisions to your business continuity plan, click here to learn more about the transformative nature of a UC system.