Rail systems can be divided into several categories, including light trains, metro rails, heavy rail, subways and more. Reliable communications is a crucial component in any railway system, especially when it comes to human safety.

Efficient railway operations rely on accurate, on-time communications between stations, control and dispatch centers, and rolling stock, to ensure safety, security and uninterrupted service. Railway communications systems (RCS) must therefore provide reliable transmission of signaling, voice, video, and data traffic along railway lines and across backbone transmission networks. What's more, passenger expectations for mobile and broadband coverage everywhere - both in-station and on-board - require yet more connectivity services that must be supported by main lines, regional commuters and urban transit systems.

Railway systems operations require reliable, fault-tolerant and mission-critical communications. Types of communications services include dispatch and control, lineside communications and signaling.

Our Solution

Tadiran solutions for the railway is based on a fault tolerant system design with hot standby options, robust networking over different infrastructures, highly configurable routing schemes, and open standards including interfaces to CCTV, rail crossings and other equipment.


In heavy rail installations, Tadiran applications include emergency lineside systems and automated level crossing systems solutions.

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Chennai Port, formerly known as Madras Port, is the second largest port of India, and the largest port in the Bay of Bengal. It is the third oldest port among the 12 major ports of India with official port operations beginning in 1881.

Kunming Metro is a rapid transit system in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan. With a population just over 3 million,the metro will consist of subway segments in the city center and above ground grade-separated segments in the periphery. The entire metro system consisting of 6 lines is estimated to be complete by 2018.


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Tadiran solutions for subways comprise a fault tolerant and resilient real-time communications system for subway dispatchers. The system allows dispatchers at the subway communications center to communicate with peers at the subway line control center, as well as at the station levels. The mission-critical communications network is built with multiple levels of redundancy and network flow algorithms to ensure that all calls get to their destination.


Dispatchers have console options available from special feature phones at the low end up to specialized touch screen terminals at the high end. The dispatch console allows the dispatcher to communicate with one or more dispatchers (pre-defined or ad hoc conferences) with a click of a button. Dispatchers can also view live feeds from the subway public area platform and other critical operating locations in the system using Pan-Tilt-Zoom controlled CCTV cameras directly from the dispatch console. All the calls in the dispatch system are recorded and can be stored for future analysis and review. Other offerings include paging, public emergency phones, network management system and a call recording system.