While each hospital and healthcare facility has their own unique communications requirements, they also share many of the same expectations from their telecom solution. First and foremost, their telecom infrastructure must enable them to deliver the highest quality care and services to their patients. Staff members, including doctors, nurses, and system administrators must be provided with the tools to handle patient care effectively.



Our Solution

Designed for single and multi-site locations, Tadiran's healthcare solution addresses all communication needs of the facility. Patient care, operations management, administration and customer support are the primary areas where our communications solutions enhance productivity. Aeonix integration with nurse calling and alarm control systems, allows augmented situational notification via both in-house and mobile devices. Aeonix supports a wide range of terminals, including phones, wireless IP Dect handsets and cell phones, which allow the medical staff to communicate with a wide and growing range of VoIP enabled devices. Aeonix also provides business collaboration tools, such as conferencing and consulting facilities, as well as internal text messaging. Customer support can be  enhanced with automated attendant positions for accurate call routing, as well as multi-media call center applications.  In addition Aeonix offers powerful and intuitive management applications.





Waterford University Hospital is a public teaching hospital located in Waterford, Ireland. It is managed by the Irish Government's Health Service Executive (HSE) and provides acute-care hospital services, including a 24 hours emergency services department. Annually, the hospital serves 123,000 out-patients, and 23,000 in-house-patients 

St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg, The Netherlands,  is a top clinical training hospital which provides care for an immediate patient area of about a half a million residents. The hospital care for patients from the North Brabant region, and other provinces in the Netherlands. 


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