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Aeonix Overview - Unified Communications

Aeonix is a software only communications solution that consolidates disparate business applications into a single, fault tolerant platform. The Aeonix Unified Communications platform, Aeonix Contact Center(ACC), and Aeonix Dispatch Console (ADC), all reside in one virtual instance or COTS server. Aeonix runs on any virtualization platform including VMware, Hyper-V and cloud platforms such as AWS, and can easily port from one platform to another (“Bring Your Own Cloud”). Cloud based, hybrid or on premises, Aeonix provides the same enterprise grade feature set and capabilities. Aeonix’ unparalleled scalability allows immediate ROI for a Managed Services practice. Other advantages of the Aeonix include simplicity of implementation and maintenance, and support for open standards such as SIP (unmodified), CSTA, and Web Services.


Aeonix was designed to meet current and future challenges of distributed organizations:



Aeonix delivers powerful, flexible, and adaptable communications to enterprises both large and small . Its simple unified management structure ensures that customers experience the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with minimal IT resources required.


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System Features
Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging for Aeonix is a powerful integrated unified messaging system designed to increase productivity by consolidating voicemail and email into a single inbox. Unified Messaging for Aeonix includes text-to-speech capabilities and offers comprehensive system and usage reporting on both a real-time and cumulative basis.

Call Attendant Management

The Sea Attendant call management application empowers attendants to effectively handle inbound and outbound calls for other Aeonix system users. It allows attendants to activate a host of telephony features on their behalf, including consultation calls, 3-way conference calls, and redirect to voicemail. Additional information can be sent to the called party in the form of real-time Instant Messages and off-line sticky notes.

Call Logger - Recording 

Trusted and proven, reliable and resilient, Tadiran Telecom offers an intelligent, flexible recording solution enabling contact centers, financial institutions, transportation, utilities, public safety and other vertical markets to document all information related to business operations, protect commercial confidential information and mitigate risk. Since 2013, Tadiran Telecom's Aeonix Logger can record your multimedia interactions from your IP telephony environments and agents' screens, across any number of locations. It provides the capability to capture, store, tag, search and replay multiple interactions.

Along with Aeonix ScreenLogger, Quality Monitoring (CPCe), Integrated Management Platform (IMP) and more, the Aeonix Call Logger will significantly provide value added capabilities which will optimize your organization's operational efficiency

Aeonix Administration

Aeonix administration is a multi-leveled unified management system that provides a centralized web-based GUI for all system programming. Administrators can manage all entities within the system, including users, trunks, and gateways. In addition, they can configure system alerts, notifications, system performance monitoring, and historical reporting. Users have access to a personalized portal for the purpose of modifying their own settings, including endpoints, call routing, and mobility rules.

Audio Conferencing & Collaboration

Tadiran's feature-rich and easy to use audio conferencing solution is a comprehensive collaboration tool that allows both business partners and colleagues to interact in an efficient manner. It allows users to host and share web and desktop conferences with chat and whiteboard capabilities. Enhanced voice conferencing capabilities makes collaborating with colleagues easy.


Call Accounting 

Aeonix Call Accounting is a robust, feature‐rich call accounting application, delivering complete visibility into the system's telecommunications usage. Aeonix Call Accounting allows your company to comprehensively manage telecommunications expenses by tracking all incoming and outgoing calls. The data collected can instantly be reproduced in the form of statistical reports. In addition, you can track desktop phone, soft-phone and mobility call records for a holistic view of all your telecommunications usage.






Productivity Client

Sea Navigator is a Unified Communications desktop client for Aeonix users. Co-workers using Sea Navigator can easily monitor presence and the availability status of other Sea Navigator users. When colleagues are busy on the phone, other users can communicate with them by sending email or IM messages. When the user is offline, "sticky notes" can be sent and automatically viewed by the user upon returning to online status. By utilizing these powerful IM and presence capabilities users can collaborate closely with co-workers located at the same or remote locations.


Video Conferencing

Aeonix video conferencing solutions allow businesses to conduct meetings in a more efficient manner while reducing overhead and travel expenses.

Tadiran's integrated video conferencing solution is an open, standard SIP‐based video/audio conferencing solution for businesses of all sizes. The solution includes a Web‐based management system, offering
administrators and moderators easy system configuration, conference creation, monitoring and conference control in real time.


Analytics and Reporting

Aeonix Reporting enables optimization of your call center by introducing a full range of contact center solutions, including reporting, forecasting, and performance measurement capabilities that allow you to maximize agent productivity, plan efficiently for future operations, and ensure customers keep coming back. This Management Information System helps you meet the challenges of managing your call center with advanced ACD capabilities for centralized or distributed sites. It provides all the information required for good real time management as well as for future planning, based on statistical analysis of trends and patterns over a period of time.


Approved AudioCodes Gateways

AudioCodes E1/T1 families of Gateways are certified and sold by Tadiran. They are fully interoperable with Aeonix UC platform.  The advanced Gateways are supporting IPv6 and latest security protocols (TLS/SRTP). Link to Audiocodes M800 E1/T1 gateway brochure