The Tadiran Story

For over 50 years now Tadiran has been serving businesses of all sizes, including some of the world's largest companies and organizations in various market segments across 41 countries worldwide. Featuring a comprehensive family of products including IP PBXs, Softswitches, Contact Centers, and Business phones, Tadiran endeavors to provide superior solutions, support, and service to our global customer base. At the same time Tadiran Telecom strives to increase environmental awareness in the telecom market by utilizing "green technology" in its products.


Tadiran Telecom's award-winning products and best-in-class solutions cover the full spectrum of communication requirements, from comprehensive communication platforms and contact centers to applications, terminals and management tools.


Tadiran Telecom aims to ensure smooth integration with third-party systems and endpoints as well as legacy systems, while emphasizing flexibility, reliability and high security.Research and development is at the core of Tadiran Telecom operations. By ensuring rapid product development, Tadiran Telecom meets changing market demands as they arise, while partnering with leading telecom companies for reduced time to market and broad market access.


Tadiran Telecom insists on the highest quality in all aspects of operations, from the finished products to customer service. This translates into dependable communication solutions that meet the most exacting standards, and a broad client base that appreciates the courtesy, rapid response and high level of expertise it receives from Tadiran Telecom.

Tadiran Telecom is a privately held company owned by Afcon Holdings, which is part of the Shlomo Group, a financially robust conglomerate involved in developing a wide variety of businesses in the industrial and services sector. Tadiran is part of the communications and telecom services arm of Afcon Industries and has regional corporate offices in the USA, Russia, China, Israel and India.


The company's global presence is well established, with over 200 Business Partners and affiliates around the world. Upwards of 120,000 businesses and organizations in various vertical markets benefit from Tadiran's quality solutions and services today.